We are PXCH

We buy beautiful businesses from formidable founders.

We acquire SaaS companies. Founders choose us for simple, straightforward, fast and easy deals.

What you can expect

How we do deals - our philosophy:

30-day LOI process

We don't take longer than 30 days, after we've signed a Letter of Intent, to send you The Big Contract.

Besides, we make up our minds fast - we'll send an offer (LOI) as soon as we can.

Simple structure with cash upfront
Quick process
Founders can leave or remain involved
Long-term approach w/ the companies
Boilerplate contracts

We start with boilerplate contracts and keep it simple from there. We transparently show changes. No gimmicks.

We believe in the quote below, so we'd rather not do a deal instead of complicating it.

"You can't do a good deal with a bad person"
— Warren Buffet
We understand founders

We've built, run, acquired and sold companies — recently, but also for a long time.

We understand what it's like to be a founder.

We've been in your shoes.


We don't like complicated stuff.

So we won't complicate it. That means headache-free for you.

We make up our minds pretty fast and quickly vet something — so we won't waste your precious time.

Our companies

Here are the companies we currently run:

Read our reviews

Given PXCH is consists of two companies (PreviewX and CH Group), feel free to read each partner's individual reviews below:

Our story, summarized

CH Group
Phase 1: Acquirers

PreviewX acquired a company from CH Group. The deal was completed in record time: 2 weeks, from LOI to closing (i.e. money in bank account)

Phase 2: Friends

We were closely in touch for the period that followed, beyond just the acquisition. We noticed how much we align: philosophy, approach, etc.

Phase 3: Partners

Upon finding a potential acquisition (Thumbnail Test), partnering up seemed obvious.

The result: PXCH. A 50/50 partnership between the two companies.

Who's behind PXCH?

Bryan Hunsinger
Daniel Ch
David Ch
Rocco Ciavarella

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